Creator: Nikita Anikeev
Launch date: 07-13-2021
Contract: 0x30f271c9e86d2b7d00a6376cd96a1cfbd5f0b9b3
Blockchain: Ethereum network
Marketcap: $2,165,594
Tax: 0.0% Buy & 0.0% Sell 😊
Audit: Available βœ”οΈ
Whitepaper: Available βœ”οΈ
Token description:

Decentr is an open decentralized platform that captures the value of secure user data and returns this value as payable, data-backed β€œcurrency” to the user. $DEC token is the building block of the entire Decentr Deconomy.

Data is the new currency. Companies have been trading stolen user data for over a decade now – raw data that actually belongs to the user. This means the majority of users cannot participate in the emerging data economy (worth USD $1.7TRN annually across G7 countries), because users do not own their own data and hence cannot extract value from it.

As a result, vast amounts of unstructured user data – personal, open and Public Sector Information (PSI) – remain out of reach of individual and businessusers, siloed away for profit by large companies, far from wider public benefit and social good. Decentr LLC provides a web browsing experience that gives surfing the internet a payable value. We achieve this by facilitating with our token (DEC) the extraction of economic value from user data into fiat or digital currency.Β 

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