Creator: J. Mann
Launch date: 01-23-2022
Contract: 0x63de13bf0437e86f0073b9f3608925f41b52f012
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Marketcap: $0
Tax: 20.0% Buy & 0.0% Sell 😊
Audit: Available ✔️
Whitepaper: Available ✔️
Token description:

What Is DeerGirl (DEER)?

Launched in January 2022, DeerGirl is a listing platform of trusted projects thoroughly checked by the DeerGirl team (from contract functions to developer background).  The listing will also include public profiles referencing already doxxed devs (who have their name publicly available on a social media like LinkedIn or did a KYC) or devs who accepted to make a KYC with us. Thus, on the website the public profile of doxxed devs will be linked to a token page with all infos about their project (Audit, LP lock, roadmap, marketing plans…). The community will be able to judge and rate the reputation of every developer and be updated of any events related to their projects.

What is the usecase of the DeerGirl token (DEER)?

To holders, there will be a dashboard only accessible after connecting the wallet to the website. The website will check if the person holds some DEER before allowing access to a dashboard with tools to monitor the tokens (alerts for price variation, chart and order book, news about the project…) all in one page. Secondarily, DeerGirl is also an NFT platform. 5-6 NFTs will be available by season (5-6) and can be bought with our token and BNB. When someone manages to get the complete set, he earns rewards in BNB and other special prizes. Each of these NFTs has a rarity, and special traits from game mechanics (HP, INT, STR….) that’ll be used in the future P2E game.

What are the Tokenomics of DeerGirl?

DeerGirl launched on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet on January 23, 2022 with 100 billions DEER tokens created at genesis. The same day, 50% of the supply was burned. DEER holders are also caped to 2% of the supply. The fees on buy and sell of the tokens are set to 10% which is an hardcoded upper limit for the project and goes toward marketing and project development. There is no token owned by the developer and owner of DeerGirl which is a choice to add trust from potential investors. The liquidity pool was locked for 3 months and will be renewed every six months.

Where Can I Buy DeerGirl (DEER)?

DeerGirl is available for trading on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) with a DEER/WBNB pair currently available on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap (V2).

🦌 DeerGirl Holder Privilege

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