Creator: Deion Smith
Launch date: 01-31-2022
Contract: 0x33d6064f0dfb62462a74049f30909ddd4f683ba2
Blockchain: Ethereum network
Marketcap: $81,979
Tax: 15.0% Buy & 15.4% Sell 🤔
Audit: Available ✔️
Whitepaper: Available ✔️
Token description:

Serenity project is a “defi talent agency” that is partnering with talented independent artists, producing custom art through our LLC business, and selling that art as NFTs or through custom crypto-centric events. Profits are shared with the artist, and the token holding community also receives a 30% buyback/burn on all NFT sales. Holders also receive 3% token reflections on every buy, sell, and transfer.

Our mission is to connect talented artists with the cryptocurrency market and our unique community of investors with our “Defi Talent Agency”. Serenity will feature NFT collections, live events, and voting to help determine the course of the project. Over time, we hope to bring trust and legitimacy to the crypto space by respecting both artists and investors. All profits made through the sales of NFTs, transactional taxes, and other revenue streams will be reinvested into making the project grow, keeping the chart stable, and establishing relationships with new artists for the Serenity Defi Talent Agency.

The vision of the Serenity team is to find talented creators making work outside the crypto space, build partnerships, and commission/promote their work to our community and the broader crypto market. One of the major issues facing the NFT/defi marketplace right now is theft of art, illegitimate copies, and stolen profits. Serenity seeks to redress this issue by licensing original work from creators, establishing partnerships, and sharing profits in a way that is fair to all parties.

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